Delicate, beautiful, aromatic and mysterious, flowers are a gift from nature. They are also a beautiful detail to express our feelings and emotions without the need for words.

these are some types of flowers……. 

1….SUNFLOWERS – girasoles


Flores bonitas: girasoles



2… roses – rosas

Tipos de flores bonitas: rosas



3… tulips – tulipanes

Nombre de flores bonitas: tulipanes


4… dahlias – dalias 

Flores hermosas: dalias

5… carnation – clavel

Resultado de imagen para flor clavel

there are a variety of colors in the carnations and apart they are beautiful and cheerful colors …

Resultado de imagen para flor clavel


6… daisy – margaritas

Tipos de flores: margaritas


7… lotus flowers – flores de loto 

Lista de flores de loto

 The muddy water that welcomes the plant is associated with attachment and carnal desires, and the immaculate flower that blooms in the water in search of light is the promise of purity and spiritual elevation.

8… orchids – orquídeas

Flores bonitas: orquídeas

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